meeting tonight

good news everyone,

we are meeting tonight at the usual place and time. the page for
tonight's meeting is here: November 9, 2010 - Hive13 Wiki

new items include a recap of saturday's board meeting and plans to
clean up the server room on saturday. if you have anything to add
please let me know or update the wiki accordingly.

also be aware that someone may have died from food poisoning in the
space sometime sunday or monday. since no corpse has been discovered
as of yet, it is likely that it has become a walker and may be
wandering the space in search of human flesh. hopefully this doesn't
affect your decision to attend the meeting tonght since there will be

This is the image spotted on the webcam…

If seen please do not try to feed or pet. Call the Hive immediately and we will send out enforcer bees.

–Hive13 Staff

I just knew my fears of goetta weren’t entirely unfounded…


We mentioned the desire to hold more events at the space. A buddy of mine and I are involved with making molds and casting resin parts (we use it for making climbing wall holds, but it can be used for anything). It seems to me that this is a good supplementary skill to the small scale 3d printing. Does anyone think this is suitable material for a class? We can demonstrate how we make the molds, pour a sample mold (insufficient time to dry in a class), and let people cast their own resin duplicates (you can pull these out in ~10 minutes).



I think a number of people would have an interesting in casting resin molds. I’ve been interested for a while and looked around at how to do it, but don’t know quite enough to try it. If you host that class I would love to go!



I have no idea what I’d want to cast in resin, but I’d go :slight_smile:


Isn’t it obvious? There’s gonna be like, 12 resin-cast penises hanging around the hive…


If you could write a small blurb that we can post up about the class and pick out a date on the Hive13 calendar that is available. We are moving to a format where we plan to charge $20 per student for a class. $10 goes to the instructor and $10 goes to the Hive. If you are a member you only pay the instructor fee.

If there is a minimum you want to make for instructor fees let us know. That will either make a minimum go or no-go depending on signups or we can raise the price of the class accordingly. Eventually will will have this new ‘get paid to teach classes’ info posted up on the wiki somewhere once it’s all finalized.

The class sounds awesome by the way!



wang seems to be the default test pattern for pretty much any new device, case in point the plotter:

I don’t get it

twitpic must have recycled the URL, here it is: