Meeting tonight

Hello all,

As usual we have our weekly general meeting tonight at 7:30pm. This is always open to members, non-members, and new-comers alike.

If you can’t come to the meeting in person but would still like to attend, you can always remote in.
You can use this link:

Something will be set up to host people at around 7:20pm.

I won’t be able to make the meeting tonight as we have some candy to give out and various spooky things to do before. So if someone could run the meeting that would be cool.

I posted some follow up about the Books by the Banks event. I think we went through over 100 boards. Thanks for Mike, Tim and Nancy for their help. The rest of you slackers don’t get to enjoy our warm fuzzy feelings of sharing our tech.

The next event is a STEM talk at Sand’s Montessori school Thursday Nov 16th from 5:30-7:30. I’d like to setup a Learn to Solder table so if a few people could come help that would be awesome. I still have all the Learn to Solder gear in my trunk. I’ll drop it off this week.

The only vote I know of is for the G Wizard software renewal. I asked for $150 but I think we can get the three years for $111 after a 20% discount. Let’s leave the vote at $150 but I’ll only spend what’s needed.

It also looks like Lorin will be out for a bit because of his surgery/recovery so we need to get a new note taker.


President | Hive13