Meeting tonight

Hello all,

As usual we have our weekly general meeting tonight at 7:30pm. This is
always open to members, non-members, and new-comers alike.

If you can't come to the meeting in person but would still like to attend,
you can always remote in.
You can use this link:

Something will be set up to host people at around 7:20pm.

I will not be at the meeting tonight as our son is recovering from surgery
(he's doing great). I may use the to check in.

I do not think there is a vote tonight.
The Maker Faire is this weekend. I think we have enough Learn to Solder
supplies and it looks like we have two (count them TWO) trebuchets to play

The sign up sheet for the Faire is pretty sparse. If anyone can come down,
even for an hour or two, that would be great.

The bead blaster booth is working but I think it is just too fine for the
general work we do. I'm going to look into getting a gun for more coarse
work (they are pretty cheap). I'm thinking it might also be nice to get a
much larger cabinet for heavier work. I think they are in the $500-$750
range. I'll start a thread on the board.

If someone could setup and run the meeting that would be great!

See some of you this weekend at the Maker Faire! (rest of you losers can
just dream about being there :smiley:)


President | Hive13

Laugh, we just got rid of the bigger, coarser, blasting cabinet…
Granted, it was a cruddy cabinet…
But there was talk about reworking it into a better cabinet…

Actually my first thought is just to get a cheap gun with coarse media, and try to cabinet we have. But I think the volume is too small. But let’s go one step at a time.