Meeting tonight

Hello all,

As usual we have our weekly general meeting tonight at 7:30pm. This is
always open to members, non-members, and new-comers alike.

If you can't come to the meeting in person but would still like to attend,
you can always remote in.
You can use this link:

Something will be set up to host people at around 7:20pm.

I should be at the meeting tonight.

I think there is only one vote for the Lear to Solder supplies.

After the meeting we should be able to see the International Space Station:
Time: Tue Sep 26 8:35 PM, Visible: 5 min, Max Height: 84°, Appears: 10°
above SW, Disappears: 19° above NE


President | Hive13

FYI, I will not be able to make it to the meeting tonight, someone else will need to set up the remote attendance cart.

  • Ian B.

ugg… I am on third shift now, and went to a job interview not a few blocks away from the hive this morning. Missed the 3 lane quick merge to the left and ended up in KY. I will likely not have had enough coffee to even process prepping for next work day when the meeting starts. Bummer. On the plus side, if I take a job down the street, I’d be able to visit more often.