Meeting tonight - Sept 21


I've unexpectedly been required to work late tonight for someone who
is sick, so I won't be able to make it to the meeting on time. Can
someone volunteer to run the meeting in my place? I will stop by
later around 9:30pm though. I'll be available via email and IRC while
I'm here at work.

It's important we make sure we are well prepared for the workshop
coming up this Sunday.

My announcements are:

1) I still plan on teaching MakerBot 101 tomorrow (Wednesday) night.
This will be a quick overview of how the MakerBot works & how to get
it to do things. Depending on how many people are there, I may or may
not be able to get into great detail. If there is time and attendees
are interested, I can give hands-on instruction and count that as
"certification" to be a MakerBot Operator. If there are quite a lot
of people there, then I may not be able to do that.

2) I've completed a rough draft of a Strategic Plan based on the notes
from the Jedi Council meetings. Please help me refine this document.
The goal is to hand a good plan to the Board of Directors in October
so that they can use it to guide us through Year Two.

The rest of the agenda can be found at:,_2010
Feel free to add to it.


Oh, one more announcement:

The Space Balloon launch will be on October 24th in the morning. I'll
try to spend as much time as I can between now and then preparing for
that date. Put your hand up if you want to be a part of the launch
and recovery team. I guess put your name on the wiki page if you want
to help on launch day.

Also, does someone still have the contact info for the Channel 9
reporter who did the story on us? Didn't he express interest in
covering the balloon launch?


i can take the wheel. is there any other business that anyone has, or
is that it?

I am heading to NYC for the Open Hardware summit so I will not be attending tonight.

FYI: I left a door in the hallway that I would appreciate if a couple of people could move into our space. (it weighs a ton) These doors came from our new offices and I am going to use them as workbench tops. Luckily my wife and I are done having kids cause I think I busted something while hauling the first one in. (which is why I left the second one right inside the main entrance) :slight_smile: