Meeting tonight - March 9th


Don't forget tonight's meeting. 7:30. Pizza.,_2010

NOTE: I won't be there, so I'd appreciate it if someone could take
notes and put them on the wiki, or if you take notes in writing, give
them to me and I'll put them online later.



Also an FYI, UC Turbocats will be coming tonight as well... they are
the UC group that attaches jet engines to go carts... Should be fun :slight_smile:


I got a call-back from Clyde Kober (the fellow with the Epilog laser
out in Delhi) just now. He will come tonight at 7:00 pm before the
meeting and will bring some laser stuff for an informal show-and-tell
during the meeting. It should be a good night! (sorry Dave!)


Also, if anyone has coin wrappers could you bring them down? I would like to work on rolling coins tonight, however I have no coin sleeves.

  • Paul

Take them to a coinstar machine and get a gift card to something -
either that the hive can use, or just sell it at face value to
somebody. Last time I went there were no fees for gift cards.

That's what I did with the change last time. I got a Amazon gift card
for $27 for the Hive. We haven't spent it yet...

The gift card thing is probably the best idea, though the cash is of
course easier. Is there something on the profit points list that we
could benefit from putting the cash towards?

You can of course get magazine subs from Amazon (like Popular Science
or even Make, or Make back issues, or
there's always the "Industrial & Scientific" store

I'm unfortunately not going to be able to stay for the meeting
tonight, though I will be at the space earlier in the day.


Yeah, well I use the funds from the jar to pay for the pizza each Tuesday and we do not have enough dollar bills in the can to pay for pizza this week (as of now), however if I wrap up a couple rolls of quarters I am sure I can fund it. I dropped off a small coin sorting machine so all I need to do is feed it and then wrap the result.

I am sure Coinstar would work great but I dont need gift certificates and i have no problem taking wrapped coins.

Ah! That would work! At least for the receipt I have. I have a
'gift card' for $27 and the profit points have some money towards a
subscription to Make but it wasn't enough. Using my gift card we
could go ahead and order that subscription. Great Idea!

I'll wait until we can talk about it at tonights meeting.


Well that settles that, I say. Anybody got coin wrappers? :slight_smile:

Don’t banks give them out for free?


Not anymore. Unless you happen to have a bank that gives out stuff for
free. Then maybe.

My credit union gives them to me for free.


I also use a credit union... but they were saying "bank". :wink:

I get coin wrappers from 5/3rd for free all the time (otherwise I would not let them “require” that, when I give them a shit load of coins, they be rolled).

Karl Wilbur