Meeting tonight - June 8th


Don't forget the weekly meeting tonight at 7:30p. The agenda and
minutes can be found as always at:,_2010 Topics this week include:
membership prices for next year, organizational ideas for the layout
and clean-up of the space, and planning for the 1 year birthday party
next month. And there should be free pizza and beer there!


If anybody want to discuss the agenda items pre-meeting to cut down on meeting time please try out the experimental wave for tonight:

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( This is a summary, for all the details see the wiki,_2010#Minutes )

* Profit Points - is semi-inactive; p.p. is no longer the best way to
get money into your project
* membership fees - consensus is to drop the price to $95 soon, work
on a model to drop the price more in the long term
** there was a lot of conversation on this (,_2010#membership_fees )
* blackboards: no update
* ohio ag filing: no update
* 501c3/taxes/google - no update
* lease - we will sign for one more year; jason will ask if there is a
deal that can be worked out re: Air Conditioning
* birthday party - we need to nail down the date, then the other details
* space cleanup/construction - ed laid out some concepts for future direction
* t-shirts - everyone is cool with the increased quote from starbuck
* trash schedule: we need to re-iterate the system, also need to find
the disposal destination
* donations for a PC - james is building a PC for a friend, getting
donations of parts
* paul's cnc - needs a part, we can provide via donation of hardware or $

Jason - blackboards, Ohio AG Form, talk with grant about lease
Jim - give craig/officers electronic copies of form 1023
Dave - start birthday party thread on mailing list, re-iterate trash
plan on mailing-list
Ed - getting budget for construction projects
Craig - get money to Starbuck for t-shirts
James/Paul/Chris Davis - get part for paul's cnc