Meeting tonight - June 29th


Don't forget about the weekly meeting tonight. This week's meeting
would be the ideal time to announce whether you'd like to run for any
elected offices at the Annual Meeting next week. Also, bring your
ideas for amendments to the bylaws so we can write them up in time to
be voted on next week. You can find the minutes and agenda for this
week on the wiki:,_2010


I have unfortunately been pulled into a work-related dinner tonight.
I'm going to be at the Hive and will be bringing more stuff for the
Space Balloon, but I'm not sure exactly what time. Probably late.

Dave, I'll take those 2 cameras from you if you could bring them, please.

For the record and in case I miss the meeting altogether, I will be
running to continue my role as President. However, I would encourage
others to run if they're interested. It's a pretty fun position
that's really just being a vocal advocate and talking to a lot of


I will be at the meeting tonight. Starbuck if you can make it I’ll bring a check for the t-shirts.