Meeting tonight - Feb 9th


Our weekly meeting is tonight at 7:30pm. We hope you can make it
through the snow!,_2010

Also, in case you were not aware: parking in front of the Anchor
Building is slightly less than normal during a snow emergency. There
are signs, but they may be covered in snow. You can still park on the
street, but only up to a certain point. There is also a lot at the
south end of the building where you can park off-street.

Unless you hear differently via this mailing list, Jim is planning on
doing a demo of a metal-turning lathe after the business meeting and
there will be pizza as usual.

See you there!


FYI, Cincinnati Fitness Boxing (our next door neighbors) closed their
class tonight. Maybe we should consider having our meeting on IRC?

Ok. That might work.

Is there anyone out there that will definitely not come out tonight
due to snow? Are the roads supposed to be still pretty bad around 7?

I'll definitely be there unless the roads are completely impassable,
but I don't have a long trip myself, so I won't hold it against anyone
who doesn't want to venture out.

Maybe those that make it to the hive can sign onto IRC and/or ustream
so others can participate.

I think the biggest thing we need to talk about is preparing for the
party since it is this coming Saturday. We need people to help with a
little bit more cleanup and also figure out the logistics for the
actual day: Who will be here what times / Food & Drinks / Activites /
Advertising / Etc.


That will make it easier to park. :slight_smile: If we cancel the meeting, you can't really run the class, is the problem. I'd rather see how the streets are cleared by 6-7pm, myself.

Craig wrote:

Agreed. While the business meeting can be held on IRC, skype or some conferencing solution, I am REALLY looking forward to Jim’s metal lathe presentation. So as long as Jim is going to be there, I’m in! :slight_smile:


Ok, a quick update. My classes were canceled today, however UC never sent out an email so I was up on campus before I found out. So I came on down to the hackerspace.

The end lot has NOT been cleared and there is about a foot of snow drifted into it. I think there might be a snow shovel down by the entrance to our area of the building. I will see what I can do, but it is still snowing outside.

I say come on down if you want to, but don’t put yourself in danger. Parking will be kinda limited and the roads are still pretty slick. Looking at the weather the snow is going to slow down until about 6:00 pm, then it is going to start back up again.

Ok, so here are my thoughts at the moment:

* I'm still going to try to make it down there, but for anyone that
feels like it's too much trouble - don't worry about it; stay safe

* I'll try to get in IRC and / or broadcast on our ustream channel if
we do anything meeting-y

* we can talk about some of the business items here on the mailing
list right now

* would anyone want to meet up on another night of the week?


I am throwing in the towel on shoveling the lot. My out-of-shapedness won out. I shoveled about 1/5 of the parking lot and really I don’t think people will have much of a problem parking there if you come up. The snow is about 5-7 inches deep in the lot right now, just be careful.

Ok, I gave the lot another shot, Grant arrived while I was shoveling and with his help it is about 50% cleared. There is room in the side lot for about 4 cars. Grant also said that the area around the dock is a bit more clear and people can park back there. I will leave the back door ajar so people can come in that way.

I have not ordered pizza. I am about to go pass out on the couch until the meeting starts, if someone else could pick it up great, if not then there willnot be pizza tonight,

  • Paul

Jim has arrived with his milling machine stuff.

Thanks for doing this.

I’m grabbing a large (not huge) pizza on my way now.

Be there in 20 minutes or so.



Thanks for a great presentation. That definitely filled in many of the blanks for me. Are you going to post your handout on the Hive13 wiki?

Also, I found the link I wanted to share with you at the meeting but couldn’t find in google. Someday we’ll have one of these units on our desks to mill metal:



Meeting Re-cap:

* alarm system
** i forgot to give craig the details so that he could create the
voting page, so here are those details (Ed, correct me if any of this
is wrong):
** the system will be 21.95 / month, billed quarterly
** there would be 1-2 door sensors and 1-2 motion detectors
** there would be a keypad of some kind to deactivate the system when
a member arrives
** the security company will have a series of numbers to call if
something is detected

* ignite
** we will need a volunteer to wrangle the laser graffiti for this event on 3/3
** i can send out a separate thread about this / about the event in general

* 501c3
** jim talked to an accountant about it
** until we have our official status, your dues and donations are not
actually deductible
** once we have 501c3 status, it would be more correct to call the
membership dues "pledges"

* party
** we'd love to hear more suggestions of stuff to do all day,
particularly with any guests that show up
** volunteers to bring food and drinks?

* network issues
** all are in favor a setup that is as simple as possible for reliability's sake

* lockers
** we now have lockers and paying members are entitled to one
** thery will be first come, first serve until such time as they are
all full or we have some kind of conflict
** supply your own lock
** you might want to lock stuff up before saturday

** chris davis met a guy that runs this studio and they would like to
borrow a big projector
** sounds like a good collabo

* laser
** enthusiasm for getting a laser cutter is on the upswing
** we'll start a page on the wiki and a thread on the mailing list to
start brainstorming
** we should do a kickstarted pledge page for it
** we should get thigns rolling along in time to talk it up a lot at
ignite on 3/3


Did something happen to instigate the discussion about the alarm system?

I'm up for ignite-related stuff. Got more details on what's needed?


It's mainly that Ed knows somebody who will give us a good deal and he
would feel better letting us borrow his equipment if we had an alarm

Nothing bad happened or anything like that.

It’s not just for me, it’s for the group and all the expensive equipment that we are collecting. The more visible we are with open houses and ignite events, the more likely some non-member will be to break in to take something. (It was only a digital camera at the last open house…) With the makerbot, projectors & a future laser cutter, it’s foolish not to consider getting something.


I agree, it sounds prudent. I assume the financial impact to our
budget is negligible, Craig?

I posted the details with the voting form (Hopefully everybody got that)

But it's really $20 something. But it's a reoccurring
expense we will need to vote on it.

I didn't mean for it to sound like only Ed wanted it. I'm sure others
want it as well. I just meant Ed brought it to the table and it's his
contact. Sorry Ed, didn't mean to put you on the spot.


No problem!