Meeting tonight - Feb 2nd


Don't forget about the weekly meeting tonight:,_2010

I've been wanting to get in the habit of sending out a recap of the
previous meeting, so here's some of the stuff we talked about. In the
future I will try to remember to send this out sooner after the
meeting ends so we can all remember what we talked about - and
hopefully not forget what we said we were going to do from one week to
the next.

* alarm system: vote online whether to purchase this service?
* ignite talk - was fun - next one is 03/03/2010
* tool locations
* party planning: party will be the 13th - go for most of the day
* stove - we were gonna pick it up saturday and forgot - ouch
* tech corps
* 501c3 paperwork - dave is making progress slowly
* make magazine: should we subscribe as a club?

For more details on those topics see the page for last week:,_2010

See you tonight!


Also, same as last week there will be pizza for consumption.

Tonight's meeting re-cap:

* we had some new visitors that found out about us via ignite
cincinnati. awesome!

* alarm system
** we will vote online on whether to purchase this service
** dave will email craig the details
** craig will create the Google Moderator poll

* ignite cincinnati #2
** we're looking to for someone to volunteer to be there to setup and
run the laser graffiti

* party
** there will be a cleanup day to get things clean and organized this
coming saturday

* 501c3 paperwork
** april 1 is our self-imposed deadline for this
** we may have found a contact tonight that can help us with filling it out

* stove
** we're still on the lookout for a gas stove

* make magazine
** if you are interested in a group subscription, put profit points towards this

* jim's lathe demo will be next tuesday

* dave's makerbot 101 class will be next monday

* ed needs to get some bigger tools here, but needs vehicular assistance

For all the notes, see:,_2010