meeting tonight, august 31st

good news everyone,

we are meeting tonight at the usual place and time.

i have some family stuff happening and won't be able to make it, so
paul has agreed to fill in for me.

as far as i know, the only old business is the results of the power
tool races and time warner.

since i will be absent, my update on the time warner business is that
the tap change was completed and i should be hearing from TW about the
install hopefully today, but probably some time this week. we will
need someone there for the install so volunteers with date/times of
availability would be appreciated. i'm assuming that they do 4 hour
windows like with residential installs, but i could be wrong. please
email/text me (5135492332) if you would like to volunteer a time for
the install.

as far as new business, this coming friday is the first friday of
september which is 2600 time. i will be giving a small demo on using
gmail, google voice, and some select android apps for prank telephone

if i missed something or if you would like to add to the agenda,
please feel free to update the wiki page:,_2010