Meeting Locations

I've done a small bit of research on libraries with meeting spaces.
Here is a link to the library's page showing which branches have
meeting rooms.
Most branches do. Clifton: no. Corryville: yes. Avondale: yes. Is
the University area still a good vicinity in which to meet?

All branches do have free wifi.

I went ahead and called the Corryville branch and they have penciled
us in for using the meeting room at 1pm. There is still a form I have
to print out and send to them, so I'll do that unless anyone has an

Other suggestions are welcome.

I'll wait until tomorrow to hear any feedback before submitting the


excellent, thank you dave!

Yeah, meeting at a library would be great. Quiet, clean, and clear of distractions.

Will we be using DimDim ( or anything for the meeting for those who can’t attend?



I second the motion to meet at the Corryville library. It is also a quick walk to Taza for coffee afterwards for those who might have the time to hang out and shoot the shit.


Ok, I'm sorry but it looks like someone beat me to the punch. Someone
else is using the room at Corryville branch at 1:00-3:00.

So, we can either meet at 3:00, or try and go for a different branch.
(Or default back to Panera.)

I was going to fax in the form this morning and called the branch just
to double check, and apparently someone must have signed up for it
between Monday afternoon and this morning.

I'm thinking it would be probably be a good idea to reserve something
by the end of the day today. I'll call some other centrally located
branches and see what's available.

Let me know if anyone has any thoughts.


I would personally be OK with the later time but for the sake of
continuity it might be easier to leave it at the 1pm slot and try to
find an alternate venue.

I would really like to avoid going back to Panera, as it seems our
audience has grown quite a bit in the last 10 days.


I could make the 3. I can not make a 1 oclock but even if I can’t make it hopefully we’ll have an alternate way for ppl to participate. I have an android phone so I can do silc, etc.

We could meet at Taza it is just around the corner. Yes I know I’m a hopeless coffee house booster. Can I get a second? For either time?


I would prefer to meet somewhere with coffee. I would also prefer to meet when we could have the biggest turn out.
So I vote for 3pm at taza.

Ok, I called Northside and their room would be available from 12:30 -
1:30, but it's being used at 2:00. Main Library downtown has rooms
available at anytime Saturday. Avondale is open at 1:00. I can keep
calling more branches... Norwood? Bond Hill? The impression I'm
getting is that nothing is for sure until you send in this paper form
and they respond back telling you that you definitely have the space.

I'm fine with Taza also. A place with refreshments is a good idea.
Would we need to call them and tell them we're coming or anything?


I called Taza and apparently they have a loft that can be reserved.
And it is free from 1 - 3.

Any cost involved? If not, I say reserve it.


i am a doctor, and as your attorney i advise you to book tazo from 1-3 and then stay and hang out with craig at 3.

Done. We have got the loft at Taza from 1-3. There is no cost for
it. Win!


Stupid question, but this is the place where Buzz used to be, right?

Awesome, I’ll be around 3 for any stranglers hanging about. Can somebody post a google map link to this place?

Yes this is the place where Buzz used to be.