Meeting info for tonight.

I will be ordering pizza for the meeting tonight. Hamilton County currently has a Level 1 snow emergency which means we still are not allowed to park on the street. I have not stopped by the hackerspace so I do not know if the side lot has been shoveled however last week Grant (our landlord) said that during a snow emergency we can park in the back lot by the dock.

When I arrive I will make sure the back door is ajar so that people can get in that way and do not need to walk all the way around.

Just found out about this:

Last message 6 minutes ago: “The City of Cincinnati has lifted the ban on parking along emergency snow routes. Thank you all for you cooperation and assistance!”

So while it might still be easier to park in the lot or behind the building, it looks like street parking is open again.

I plan on being there but will not likely arrive before 8pm. Stretch the business meeting out so James doesn’t start his Eagle overview before I make it!