Meeting and Cookies!

Just a reminder that we will indeed be meeting tonight (12/22/2009). I realize many people might be too busy to attend but I recently came into possession of a large quantity of home made cookies made by my sister (the teacher previously mentioned in another thread) and they will be available for consumption tonight at the meeting.

Also, status of pizza at the moment is unknown, so you might want to eat before coming to the meeting then you can have cookies as desert.

  • Paul

read, “Come to our meeting. We have cookies”,+we+have+cookies+-+V.png

Man - that’s cruel! If I wasn’t in sunny, warm Orlando I might get jealous… :wink:

Have a great meeting!


Is the password for smoothwall posted somewhere in the hive? Internal dns is acting funny.

check to see if all the cables are plugged in securely. seriously.
that was the source of the network issues at 2600 :\