Meeting: 2/21/2017

Hello all,

As usual we have our weekly general meeting. This is always open to members, non-members, and new-comers alike.

If you can’t come to the meeting in person but would still like to attend, you can always remote in. Right now we are facing the problems we’ve had in the past with no microphones or monitors set up, but we’ve found simple video chat website that is relatively stable to use for several people. You can use this link:

We will ask someone to donate their laptop temporarily to host people at around 7:20pm.

While the link won’t change (for now at least), I’ll still be sending these reminders out before each meeting from now on.

Lastly, the first draft of the agenda is also posted on the wiki right now. (,_2017) Add to it as you all see fit (and don’t worry about messing it up, we’ve got a history of edits to fall back on if someone accidentally erases it or something :wink: don’t be intimidated by the wiki). I will most likely add a bit more myself before the meeting.


President | Hive13

An improvised camera set-up is in place and online now. It’s not perfect or pretty, but it’s rather decent on short notice if I do say so myself. Join us at I would ask that people at the meeting refrain from also connecting in. It’s tempting, but our bandwidth is a bit of a concern.

  • Ian B.


It looked great.

Thanks for setting it up.