Media blasting cabinet available

I’ve mentioned it already both yesterday and Tuesday’s meeting but I’ve been granted the blasting cabinet here at work. But I need a way to transport it to the hive from the facility either by pickup or trailer. I work until 2:30pm weekdays but can arrange to get it on weekends from the plant too. If anyone can help in retrieving it gimme a ring. I attached a photo of the unit.


it looks like I might be putting a trailer on my car for a day this weekend at some point. Where is the shop located?


I never thought I’d recieve an email notification titled “media blasting cabinet” that does not have anything to do with politics.

The facility (Teva Pharmaceuticals) is located in Norwood at 5040 duramed Dr.,45213. Just let me know a day and time.

It looks really nice!


looks awesome! i have a small 4’x4’ trailer you can borrow if needed

Very nice

Our current cabinet is pretty small… and in not great shape, this is a 'YUGE" improvement and we’ll be able to get reasonable sized objects in it!! I have ‘idears’

Just for certainty the dimensions of the package (pallet included) are 48 x 40 x 61". Certainly not light by any means either. The cabinet itself is only a few inches smaller than that so it is indeed a larger workspace internally. This unit is what is considered a microblaster with a media size from 10-250 micron as shown from their listing here → and It appears to have a blower and hepa filtration as part of the cabinet which will help a lot in containing the mess with it’s use. Won’t know for sure until the plastic wrap is removed and it’s inspected. The caveat in it’s use will be the need for a filtered desiccant dryer for supplying dry shop air through. May look into a separate oven for regenerating the silica gel once it reaches absorption limits if you don’t want the “kitchen” oven being utilized. Only requires 300F to regenerate so nothing fancy.

Given the old smaller cabinet, do we happen to know ownership or its origin. If so it would hel me a ton going back into work for myslf focusing more on metal repair. I got super lucky abd picked up a non solvent capable parts washer that is smaller for machined or cleaning up small parts super cheap. I am going to modify it a bit to mske it super portable. Hopefully if it could help brads classes or repair of items. It is the metal red tub type witb a flex nozxle, bot ulra sonic… i do need a bew ultra sonic coming up my beat on one died lol if anyone come across one in endeavours. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it Paul’s?

It could be? It was there long before i got there. I remeber seeing a sticker on it but could not remember.

The old one doesnt seal well at all, I used it last… Fall? It will need some work.

The new machine has been moved in, although it has not been started up. I’ll let Sean explain anything relevant about it, but a big thank you to him for donating this machine.

I’ve used ours a few times. It works, but it’s not a pleasant experience.

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The old one doesnt seal well at all, I used it last… Fall? It will need some work.