We should all spend some quality time in meatspace and maybe start
planning some things out. Almost all paneras have some type of
conference room (just an example).


i agree. as your attorney i advise you to recommend a time and

i work downtown and live in the land down under the ohio river,
kentucky i beleve it is called to you men of the north, so some place
not too far north would be good.

i agree, a meatspace meeting seems to be in order. i work by the
airport and live downtown, so i would also prefer somewhere not too
far north. weeknights can be ok but i've gotta schedule it in
advance. busy social calendar, ya know.


I'm down for whenever.

I work in Clifton and live not to far from there. I'd be down for the
Levy or somewhere here in Clifton. There are plenty of nice little
dives up here. Taza comes highly recommended by my gal's knitting

I work downtown and live in Mt. Adams so anywhere central is great for
me. Although I don't mind driving wherever. I work until 6pm and
walk, so that means I can get to downtown places easily by 6:15-6:30,
and if I have to walk home and get my car I can get to most anywhere
else by 6:45-7:00. That's for weeknights. Most of the time I am free
on weekends as well.

As far as venues, I suppose there's Coffee Emporium, Shanghai
Mama's... probably many other places. I have been to meetups at the
Panera in Clifton, so I know they're meetup-friendly. Newport is also
fairly convenient for me.

Somewhere with free wifi would be good. I don't know which places
have free wifi and which don't.


I live on the northside of 275 so I am used to driving. Cliftonia seems like a reasonable location. I am thinking this should be a saturday afternoon adventure. How does 1pm Saturday, April 18 at the panera in clifton (unless someone has a better place with a conference room)?


argh totally lied. notacon is that weekend. Saturday the 25th?


I’ve got the 25th open.


Invite sent twice actually b/c I apparently do not know how to select a date.
4/25 is the date :slight_smile: Please accept or decline to let me know the turnout.


i'll be there :slight_smile:

thanks xaphan for coordinating this.


does anything have stuff they want to discuss at the meat?

if we make an agenda perhaps we can get a few things done before we
descend into nerditry.

here are a couple of things:

how to make/vote for big decisions, like what to name the space, what
location to choose, how to handle memberships... you know, the big
progress affecting decisions. not the actual decisions themselves,
but rather the process for making those decisions. we will probably
do a bunch of adhoc decision making throughout this and many other
projects, but big issues should probably have some sort of consensus
or at least a majority.

what first steps need to be taken to get things started: in no
particular order issues that i think should be handled sooner rather
than later include legal/nonprofit entity, branding/identity, fund
raising, leadership/membership, initial/startup equipment, site
selection criteria, a bunch of other stuff i am sure i haven't thought

once we determine what needs to be done first, we must then decide who
will do what and how it should be done.

anyone else have stuff they want to discuss?

I think it might be a good idea to get some basic inventory of the big
stuff, just to see what is available, and what may be necessary to
keep an eye out for. You know, if someone has a band saw or a router,
then we don't even need to worry about such things. But if someone
desperately needs a welder, and someone happens to see one at a
swap-meet, or on freecycle, we can jump on it...

I and Jason are going to look at some spaces on Sunday in the late afternoon. They are in northside. We will take pics to bring with on the 25th. Illl be sure to get full details on each location. Does any one have any specifics that you would like us to ask? Also this doesn't have to be just J and I anyone else who would like to go please let me know. I'll put my cat herding hat on.


I might be down with this - I'll let you know before you go. I'm
giving thought to disappering into KY on sunday for some offroading.
I'll bring the obscenely wide angle lens if I come, it's handy for
getting a better handle on a space in pictures.

i would love to go sunday, but i will returning from notacon be nursing not less than 3concurrent hangovers and possibly a concussion :slight_smile:

but two nice to haves in the cirteria is the presence of or the possibility of adding a kitchenette and a shower so we can host hackathons and the like and serve as an embassy of sorts for folks from other spaces.

here at notacon i have talked to some of the folks fro nyc resistor and pumping station one and got some really great advice on some of the legal stuff.

Awesome! I hope you’re having a great time at notacon. Take a big folic acid supplement with 800mg of ibuprofen and drink two large glasses of water before bed. You should be good in the morning.

Glad to hear that you hooked up with some of the folks from resistor. Pump them for as much info as possible. We will be taking plenty of pics on our rounds tomorrow. I think Matt and possibly Ello are going with us. We will keep your criteria in mind. It would be nice to have someplace to make a little food or to clean up. I’m concerned about power and water usage. We’ll see how this guy wants to structure that. I’m hoping to bring some solid choices to the table by the 25th.


Good idea about having an agenda.

I agree that the decision-making process is something we should get a handle on early. I don’t know that it’s necessary to have a perfect form of governance right away, but I think that whatever the system is, we should be explicit about it. Even if at first we’re saying something like “Everyone is in charge of their own stuff and that’s it.” Then we can grow that as needed, but it should always be clear so that people are on the same page.

Other possible agenda items:

  • Should we meet on a regular basis (weekly, monthly)?
  • How to form initial members list. Maybe take pledges or something?
  • Communications: mailing list, wiki, IRC, other?
  • Legal: does anyone know anyone that knows how to incorporate?


Ugh. Well the space did not pan out. The guy turned out to be a flake.
Kind of a let down. I've seen some good looking spaces on craigslist.
After we meet then perhapes we can start looking again.