Measure Twice - but with a good stick...

Please be warned:

There is a nice metal ruler hanging next to the tool shelf. It’s got inches on one side and centimeters on the other. Very nice feel. Very long - nearly 50 inches and 130 cm. A wonderful straight-edge and measuring device.


It seems that somebody forgot how to count. It’s all fine up to 65 cm. Then 67cm. 66cm IS MISSING.

Therefore, if you’ve ever measured something longer than 65cm. OR, you measured something across that gap (like measuring 40cm from the 30cm mark to 70cm) then you’ve marked it 1cm short. Really sucks after the wood is already cut.

I have marked the device and circled the missing cm. Please be advised.

p.s. If the tool mavens saw it in their mercy to get one that is properly calibrated, I’m sure we’d all be happier for it. But, the current one can be used with the above caveat.


We just figured out it was the one Jon and I bought and brought down to the space several months ago. It was very, very cheap, and that is probably why… I am guessing a misprint that they were just trying to sell and get rid of. I’m so sorry for your project! :frowning:

I never thought I would have to check a meter stick for correctness…

I will completely mark out the upper portion of the stick on the metric side, so it can still be used as a straight edge, and for inches. I will get a replacement one when I can as well!!

Who uses metrics anyway! <ducks!>