May Potluck - Grill Out - Tentatively May 10th, or May 24th

Hey everyone,

It’s time for our next pot luck. I thought it would be nice to do a grill out, like we did for the annual meeting last year, only it won’t be as searingly hot on the back dock if we do it now rather than in July!!

I originally set the date for next Tuesday, May 10th, before the meeting, however it looks like it will be thunderstorming. I’ll keep an eye on the weather, and update the list in a few days, but I think it will likely take place Tuesday, May 24th, so those leaving early for the San Fran makerfaire can enjoy it as well.

It would be great if we could coordinate a larger grill again. Let me know!

(And don’t fear, sometime in the early fall, I think we’ll do another smoked-themed pot luck).


I know with ptdr we will be arriving home the 24th if I remember right, if we put it out another week I could bring the big grill or smoker down for the day

Due to weather the pot luck will not be today!

I’ll post an updated date in the future (probably the week after, following Kevin’s suggestion). Be on the lookout for it! :slight_smile: