May 31st Meeting

Aaaand I missed it! Sorry, guys! Was out of town. Really looking
forward to life settling down. Can't wait to see you all again.


Finally joined Hive13, btw!

welcome and congratulations!

tuesday meetings have been tough for me for the last couple of months as well.

Do you know when I get my code so I can get in?

it should be really soon. It’s a manual process, that starts with Craig confirming the financials, and he may be busy at the moment. If you don’t hear something soon email me directly and I can help sort it out.

When Craig (our Treasurer) sees your payment in PayPal, he’ll check our Membership Database. Your details should have been entered into the spreadsheet copied from the Membership Application form you filled out. Craig will send an email (to the email address you specified on the form) with the door code and asking you what you want your username to be.

I looked at the spreadsheet just now, and I don’t see you in there. Did you fill out one of these:


I sent it to the email address associated with the paypal account.


w00t, thanks craig :slight_smile:

Ok, cool. But just for the record we do need the paperwork filled out.

IMO, we shouldn’t send the door code until after we have the paperwork. This helps ensure that the person is really a person that we’ve met IRL before.


OK that will be the new policy then.

No. I just did the paypal thing. I can do that tonight if you're
there. I planned oncoming by to visit.


Come on down, you can see our shiny new laser! I’d expect people will be here for quite a while.

Note that the outside door is sticking badly - may need to tug pretty hard on it.