MashUp Cincinnati

Interesting event…mainly because of the Pokens. These are little RFID reader/transmitters. You go up to somebody and press your button and your rfid transm–…er, poken… will send your unique number to the other poken. Later, after the event you plug your poken into your usb port and add all the contacts you gathered.

Some of this description is just an educated guess based on what little I read about these devices. I also assume it doesn’t transfer your information as advertised just your unique id. My guess is you log into a website to register you poken and all your personal data. When you sync later the website probably just queries the database for all the personal info it has gathered from all the attendants and hands you the appropriate one. Kind of curious what the the backend sites privacy agreement is on all the data it is collecting…

Not sure if I’ll go, but if somebody does make sure you snag one of these devices for me. I would like to sniff the usb communication and take the little bugger apart.