Marcus and the bandsaw

Hi Marcus!
Jim Dallam mentioned you wanted an intro to the use of the bandsaw.

I'm pretty much free any day over the next two weeks, at any (reasonable!) hour.

If you can give me some dates, maybe we can work something out

John Sikorski


I'm hoping to make tonight's meeting and it would be great to see Marcus and John at the bandsaw.

The shop tool situation could also be a topic for one and all at tonight's meeting. Has anyone else been trolling the posts on Craig's list? Anyone want to help me set up a member tool wish list survey? Can we get volunteers to join me on a tool acquisition committee? All are inputs for tonight' discussion.


Whoops, I missed John’s message earlier.

I’m sorry I didn’t reply earlier!

Had I replied, I would have said “The next two weeks are rough for me since not only is christmas coming up but there are two birthdays in the first half of December in my house. So if it doesn’t work out in that time, maybe next year (as in Jan).”

That being said, maybe I could come to tonight’s meeting, if I dig my car out. John, were you planning to be there?

Marcus… as one early december birthday to another, I send birthday wishes to those in your house with the same.