March Purgatory

Hello all,

Here are the pictures for March’s purgatory. There are two sets of lockers and a filing cabinet that are also in purgatory, but may be claimed by the first member to remove them from the Hive.

In addition, we have a locker set that is in pre-purgatory. There are two locked lockers. One has no name; one belongs to Daniel McNamara. Also, two of the other lockers in that unit have items in them; the right-hand two are empty. This set is in pre-purgatory. On April 10th, the date of the next scheduled board meeting, this set will move into purgatory and from there may be claimed by the first member to remove it from the Hive.

  • Greg






Lockers were going to be put in the welding room, please do not remove I have to measure for the wall.

Yeah, that would be handy for a few jackets/sleeves and gloves for users.