March Game Day -- Drunken Game Day?

For the first Saturday in March, I will be holding Game Day again at Hive13. I do not expect this month’s session to be completely family friendly, as I am thinking of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, and Mardi Gras at the same time, at least as well as I’m able to.

My thoughts are as follows:

Bring Your Own Beer (or other alcoholic beverage)
Bring games that can be played while drunk, or at least mildly buzzed, and still be fun.
Bring games that have beer as part of their theme.

There has been some interest shown in playing a B.E.E.R. & Pretzels RPG, but simpler games will be available.
This may degrade into an all-night bout of beer-pong or worse. I will not be upset if it does, and expect all attendees to be responsible about their alcohol use. (Bring a designated driver.)

If you can think of a good game that fits the theme, feel free to bring it, since there are plenty of other games out there which might be interesting, whether drunk or not. Can you imagine a drunken Cards Against Humanity? Or a drunken Cthulhu Dice? Maybe drunken modifications to other games might be possible? Or even a game of poker for points? (Yes, I mentioned a gambling game, and then took the value of gambling out of it.)

I look forward to seeing as many people there as possible, and having a fun time, whether or not we have alcohol.

I’ve played drunken strip settlers of catan before. It was really entertaining. “I’ll trade you some boobs for sheep. Boobs for sheep!”


so you are thinking this will be next Saturday March 1st, or Saturday March 8th? just out of curiosity.

How about True American?

Wait, I’m confused. Are you saying that people actually play Cards Against Humanity while NOT drunk? Whoa…

hmm, Tiffany and I will be out of town on March 1…

though i’m gonna have to say, if we’re able to go, no strip catan for tiff. She’d be traumatized by yall’s pasty white bodies.

FYI, a new keg of homebrew is likely to show up in the hive kegerator in the next few days :slight_smile:

how do you know what’d id be traumatized by :wink: lol

Hahaha, I’m going to agree with no strip catan. Heck yes to the new homebrew!

The first Saturday in March is March 1st. I will be bringing beers as well, and I was assuming no strip games. Though that might be fun with a smaller group. I really don’t want to traumatize anybody with my pasty white flesh.

fresh homebrew cerveza has replaced the funky old shandy in the kegerator.

consider a donation to feed the hive if you take a glass.


I’m going to pass on drunken fun, but if you need to borrow my “cards against humanity”, let me know.

I’m not sure… but anything ‘strip’ only happens if the cameras are turned off