March 03, 2020 Weekly Meeting - See the new space!

For tonight’s meeting, we have a special treat: we will be going over to the new space so everyone can check it out! The current alarm system is complicated, so we will be meeting at the current space and walking down as a group after doing the basic “housekeeping” meeting.

See you at 7:30 this evening!


Kevin M.

Fellow Hivers:

Did you miss out on the chance to see the new space after last Tuesday’s meeting?

If so, this link [ Hive13 is moving to 2701 Spring Grove Ave! ] serves as an alternative. It is an on-line, 14-slide, virtual tour and introduction to the new space, at this early point.

Pay attention to the last slide #14. We need everyone’s participation to help make it happen and be out of 2929 Spring Grove on May 31.2020.


Outstanding presentation!

that was a great presentation! :slight_smile:

Ditto!! Thanks for putting it together!!

Jim, This is a great presentation.

Can someone get it posted to the front page of the site?

Hi All:

It is now posted to the front page of the site.