Mame Cabinet

Hi guys,

I built the mame cabinet that I assume is still there, and I just got a job as a Forensic Scientist in Austin, Texas so I will be moving in two weeks. I understand that the hive is not a storage facility for my big project and I really have not been there in a long time, but it sounds like the mame cabinet is getting some use. I can come get it if you all need me to before I leave, or if you all would like you could just keep it there to use for your enjoyment for the foreseeable future (probably forever).

Let me know what you all want to do.

  • Hank


Thanks for the offer. I vote for scrawling your name on the side and keeping it in the lounge as a cool demo of what people can make.
I’m thinking it will probably go up for a membership vote though. . . .
With lots of discussion and debate about the merits of the various decisions that were made and how certain people like/don’t like the games on it. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Brad “Ex president” Walsh

Congratulations on the job!
ATX hackerspace was the first makerspace I joined. Check them out!