MAME cabinet

What is the plan for the old large MAME cabinet near the back door? Has it be stripped of everything we want to keep? I know somwone who would be willing to take it off our hands if no one else called dibbs on it yet.

I’m not the final say on this but I OK with the cabinet, stand and monitor leaving the space.

It has been stripped. It is pretty much just the CRT and speakers at this point. I tried contacting Player 2/Kris to see if he wanted it back since according to Paul and Brandon they can be pretty valuable. I haven’t gotten a reply from him.

Right on, someone at work is starting a MAME project, I informed him of the condition of the cabinet. If it becomes trash/scrap/ let me know.

It’s in the back hallway as of NOW. Come and get it, first come, first serve.