Malware Reverse Engineering talk at UC (ERC) on Thusrday @ 5:30


I'm going to be giving about an hour-long talk on the Malware Reverse
Engineering program I am heading up at GE Aviation as part of our IT
Security program here in Cincinnati. The talk will be held in Rm. 427
ERC (Engineering Research Center "a.k.a. Orange Duracell Building" main
auditorium) this Thursday, Mar 1st at 5:30PM. There will be a short
overview followed by a live demonstration utilizing disassembler &
debugging techniques.

It is being hosted by the UC ACM chapter, but it is open to the public
and I suggested to reach out to Hive13/CHP and Cinci2600 to invite you all.

Hopefully you can make it. I will also be on campus for a few hours
leading up to the event for anyone who's interested in talking to me
about experience and/or opportunities.