Making Space for Makers

This is a very cool event you might want to go to tomorrow night:

“In partnership with Cincinnati Made, 21c is thrilled to host national expert Ilana Preuss of Recast Cities for a presentation on the growing impact of the “Maker Movement” within small industries and the importance of space, planning, and policy. Preuss will also discuss the leading models that other cities implement in underutilized spaces and how this can benefit neighborhood redevelopment. The presentation will go on to explore how these practices are significant to Cincinnati, culminating in an active discussion of what the city can do to take advantage of this national and local momentum.”


His did the event go? I wish I had the time to check this out.

I went to it and it was pretty interesting. It was almost 100% focused on businesses though which was a little disappointing. I approached Matt Anthony afterwards inquiring about this (I know he focuses a lot more on that side since it is easier to push forward) and I will try to make sure we aren’t left out of the loop as the more hobbyist side of makers.

It did make me realize that if we don’t want to fade into the background and get taken over by everyone else that we need to start communicating with other people and places a lot more. That was the biggest issue that was touched on at the event actually. It seems like none of the maker groups in the area are good at communicating with each other. :slight_smile:

I've been encountering such issues for years, John. I am very new to cincinnati, but such a disconnect is not unique.

Interestingly, though, I had a student film maker approach me yesterday and ask if she could get involved by making a documentary "like we did with the makers [I] brought from LA for the master class". Maybe she, and her film professor would be interested in investigating exactly what is going on in the grass roots here.

Does that sound helpful?

Alas, I have little energy right now, but this student is sharp...