Making a Wetmolded Leather Mask: Feb 3

In case anyone was not at the meeting or has not seen the post on the front page, I’m hosting the mask making class again.

In preparation for Mardi Gras or any other event that deserves a mask, we will go over the basics of wetmolding to take a flat piece of leather and turn it into a 3 dimensional leather mask. This is an introduction to a technique of shaping leather to create a hardened shape that is used for not only masks, but cases, holsters, bags, and anything else that should maintain its shape.

We will have a few basic templates to base your design from and then form it to perfectly fit your face. Then you can go crazy dying, painting, bedazzling, and adorning your mask to suit how feel.

No previous experience with leather is needed as we will go over all the cutting and forming.

The $10 fee for the class covers everything to make the mask; leather, ribbon, dye or paint. If you want to be extra creative and add rhinestones or a life size pheasant to yours you’ll need to supply the rhinestones and/or life size pheasant.

Darn. I’ve got a business trip to Rio next month and will just miss Carnival. Would have been perfect.


I have no heard of anyone is planning on attending, but I'll be down at the space to lead the class. If people are there, great, otherwise I'll just work on my own project.

I wanted to attend but had already paid for the cnc class. My gf also wanted to attend but had to work.

I was also interested in attending but was taking the CNC class, too. I’m curious for wet molded things in general! I’d like to make a wrap/holder for a small book. I hope you consider rescheduling another class.