MakerFest Oct 10, 2015

I would love to invite you all to the @EduMakerCincy 10.10.15 (Cincinnati Country Day in Indian Hills, 10a-3pm)

@EduMakerCincy will be a mashup of educon and makerfaire - show off your usual stuff,
and if you are so inclined to want to teach, share or toot your own horn, lead a breakout session, round table or take the stage for an EdTalk.

Would love to have the Hive do the soldering stations (and we’ll pay your costs for supplies)
Any demos, showcases or other cool projects you’d like to show off or share?

Any questions, ideas rolling around or otherwise - reply, or see below for contact info…


The format is a little different that typical MakerFaires.
You can share in different formats:

  1. TedTalk style theatre for talking presentation
  2. Breakout session to teach others (in a classroom environment)
  3. Hall of makers (Yes - all in one place) in a gymnasium… you spec the space you need etc.
  4. Live Build demos - we have folks that will be constructing mobile maker carts for a design competition.

We have a 500 person theatre (EdTalk style), full size gymnasium,
internet cafe (seats 250+) and 10-15 classrooms at our displosal,
as well as parking lots, and 62 acres of fields and more

Questions? or @COMPUDUCATION

Group page:
Twitter @EduMakerCincy


Thanks everyone!!
cell 513-544-8444

I can make my cnc and 3printer available to be used as a working demo for the day. Maybe print and give away Minecraft tools and cnc foam nameplates for the kids

Only issue is that I would need a partner or two to team up. As its difficult to explain how it all works to kids or parents while using the cnc or printing.

Just reply if you are interested please in teaming up


Thanks Marvin.

any folks who would like to attend - the event is free to Hive13 Members - (Coffee and lunch is included as well as free wifi)

I emailed Marcus about badges - but may have missed the order window time frame

(I am offering to purchase all supplies if folks can volunteer)

CHANGE to agenda - the event will be opened up to the public from 1-3 pm


thanks everyone

Marcus Twyford

UPDATE as of 9/10/15

We have had a lot of folks who are NOT teachers asking if they can come -

We have decided to open up the venue from 1-3pm for public and families.


I probably won’t be able to volunteer at this one but I’ve kicked the ball rolling for getting more circuit boards.

We should have 150-200 circuit boards by then, looks like.

I’m in to present. I need to find the time to fill out the app. Maybe tomorrow from work (lunch break).

I think we will have enough of everything else to cover 200 boards, but I’ll (unless someone beats me to it) have to come down and take an inventory to be sure.

I’ll be there! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the updates and assistance.

I ordered 200 of each of the following last week before hearing inventory updates…

CR2032 batteries (Maxell brand with 2019 expiry date) <>
Cell battery holders (for coin cells 2032, etc)
200 flashing 5mm LED’s
Perfoards (not as fancy for circuit boards- but in a pinch…) 4x7mm
soldering irons! <>
still looking for a good deal on disc neodymium magnets

if folks want to demo their recent works etc - the gym is 20 steps from the loading ‘loop’ of the parking lot
we’ll have hand trucks, dolly’s avail… as needed.

free admission if you:

  • wear a hive13 tshirt and work the booth or help solder or

  • come do demos or sign up for a presentation or breakout session (in classrooms)


This really confused me, I didn’t remember sending this email at all, until I noticed that it came from a different Marcus with a different last name.:slight_smile:

The inventory, as it stood before the faire, is at . We used all the boards, so you can safely subtract 407 at least from each of those numbers. Assuming not too many extras got lost, there should have been enough of everything, but the thing that is the most scarce will be the magnets. And now there is more (except the magnets), yay! That’s awesome.

Check those batteries with a magnet, I found that brand name batteries often don’t work. After ending up with 200 panasonic batteries from digikey that didn’t stick to a magnet, I found a particular brand readily available from US (so they ship fast) ebay sellers. Tianqiu.

All my sources appear in the expenses spreadsheet.

Though the morning of the @eduMakerfest program was originally geared for teachers, we’ve had so many requests from outside, so
the event has been opened up to the public and we expect more than another hundred families in the afternoon.

I have ordered suppies for the LED soldering Badges (inlcuding magnets!!) - 200ct each item…(in addition to HIVE inventory on hand - See marcus porter’s’ message earlier in post.

Marvin also offered to have CNC and 3d Printer available - but he still need a person or two.

We’d love a few more folks to help out, share their projects, etc

You don’t have to haul to Detroit, New York or anything like that - just to the east side (Madiera/Indian Hill)

If you work the event - - lunch is on me - as well as admission to the rest of the events

if you can just work an hour or two - after about 10:30am and up until 3pm

Poster attached - feel free to share, post, print etc.

If you want to present in a formal session - for fame and glory

If you want to demo in the hall of makers, just email me or reply in post (

MORE Info…


eduMakerFest_SignUp.pdf (994 KB)

I would be happy to help.
I can do a shift at the learn to solder booth.

My son (14 yrs old) could do a minecraft command block demo if you are interested. He is going to give a talk at the Hive on Oct 13th. He has a YouTube channel, search for EnderQuartz.


thanks - would love to have join,

he can be in the hall of makers, what does he need - Wifi and electricity? anything else?


I printed the following in advance to giveaway @edumakerfest (see picture attachments)

  • 50 tree frogs
  • 400 Minecraft tools (key Chains)

Additionally my goal is to machine on request initials on a 2.5 X 3 foam blocks of which I have about 50 blanks precut already. This weekend i am going down to the hive to cut 100 more. As you may see I have a lot of things to giveaway and demo at the same time. Although my son will be with me i still need an adult to help maybe a parent or teacher. I can teach them how to use the cnc in 5 mins

Tree Frogs

Minecraft Tools ( Key Chains)


Precut foam blank and test cut


What time can i start setting up ?