Makerfaire logistics

I'm going to start a thread for logistics for the makerfaire. If you don't know where you need to be to help, just look here or give me a call at 513-206-4791.

Me and Jim are setting up power tool racing in the south parking lot (up top) at union terminal. The gate is down, but you can probably work your way between the white posts. Ryan, Jon and elly are setting up inside, but they got that covered.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

If we are volunteering inside, do we have to pay to get in?

If everyone is down, I will bring a camera rig and film. I don’t / haven’t had much time to edit, but we should be getting pro level HD picture and sound of our events.


Does anyone else feel comfortable handling a camera? Let me know

…also know it’s like $6000+ gear so if you’re drinking, uh…


I’ve operated some “pro” gear at work.
I’d be happy to help.

Promise I won’t drink (much). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is there alcohol there?! I didn’t know that! What does your setup look like Lorin?

Hivers, and interested friends.

Maker Faire load-in is complete for the day. The learn to solder supplies have been delivered, and the PTDR track has been assembled. Some of us have headed home, and others have returned to the hive for last minute preparatory hackery. Thank you to all who assisted this evening. The Cincinnati Museum Center will open again at 7:00 AM for early setup. Some of us will be there deploying the aforementioned hackery.

Regarding schedling and logistics for Saturday and Sunday.

The volunteer schedule is availble here.

I’ve moved a few things around, distributing lunch breaks in response to Marcus’ excellent point that shutting down entirely might be disapointing for kids waiting in line. Marcus and his son are not scheduled for particular shifts, but may be on hand to train the trainers and assist where needed.

Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your requested time slot, as parking and the walk in can consume several minutes.

If there are last minute changes or questions regarding this schedule, please feel free to email me.

Arrival and Parking
Directions to the Cincinnati Museum Center may be found at

Parking in the CMC front lot is free for members of the museum and $6 for nonmembers. I found the convenenice of this well worth the cost last year, as the other parking options entailed walking all the way around the museum’s security fence. This is a 15+ minute endeavour.

Those assisting with Hive13 exhibits who are not already CMC members should plan to stop by the Power Tool Racing area upon arrival. A VIP exhibitor pass lanyard may be obtained from Jim Dallam. These passes will allow you to enter and move about the venue without paying the $12.50 admission fee. When you leave for the day, please return these passes to Jim Dallam or Ryan Hershey. We have a limited number available, and they must remain on site for use by active exhibitors.

Locating your Exhibit
Hive13 is hosting two exhibit areas this year. Power Tool Drag racing may be found outside the museum, and our main Learn To Solder and Exhibit area is to the right of the main entry doors, down the ramp in the STEM Discovery Lab. I am attaching an interior map to this message. This document may also be found at

Thanks again everyone, for all your help with this event.

  • Ryan

MakerFaire_Map.pdf (1.18 MB)

So you know, earlier today the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire staff gave Hive13 a set of VIP badges for booth workers to get into the indoor Faire for free. The outdoor activities are not badge controlled.

The Hive's Power Tool Drag Race is setup in the South/left side front parking lot as you come in. Stop and see us at the track to get one of the VIP badges before you try to go in to the museum. When you leave, return your VIP badge to the PTDR for safe keeping for the next volunteer to use. It is OK to share and reuse them. We should have enough for the whole weekend if we keep recycling them.


At the end of day one, there was $253.47 in the jars. It looks like we went through about 250 boards. This matches about the ratio we have seen in past events.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to attack the box of duds to see how many of those we can recycle.

It was fun.
Only burned myself once (showing how the iron was hot). :flushed:

Make sure we get some good pictures to send our sponsor, OSH Park.

Marcus -

Add another $52 to the tally. Some of the money stored during the break was still there when I looked in the box this evening. I’ll get it back to you tomorrow.

  • Ry

I was starting to get ready and I realized the Faire doesn’t start till 11:00 am today (Sunday).
Is it OK to show up at 10:30?


Confirmed. Thanks Brad.

I looked at Cincy maker Faire web site and I couldn’t find hours. however, THE PROGRAMS SAY 11am. I’ll be ready to roll picture at 10:30.

This event has been rather poorly publicized. Dustin, if you were working at the museum center, I bet they’d give you a raise and 6 bonuses just because you know to put times and dates on the landing page! Geeze… Grumble…

Seriously Dustin, you could be raking in a good paycheck by not being mediocre in no time!


So Marcus is here and learn to solder is set up. Ptdr could use an extra hand, but at the rate they’re going they should be up and running by 11. So 10:30 is fine brad =]

PTDR is up and running. Franklin & Ryan, are you still bringing XX.XXX signs? We have sign stands.



I’m at the hive to do a little more soldering, then pack them up. I should get to the track around noon most likely. Will probably need help carrying stuff at some point.


As discussed below is the link to used for informational TV of live 3d printing for the Maker Faire. I am printing minecraft tools


More soldering.

More like 12:20-12:30 probably