Makerfaire exhibit and volunteers

Makerfaire is coming up!

For the Hive booth, we will have an indoor space that is 30’x 20’. At the brief meeting that Will, Dustin and I had, we decided to break this up into 3 sections: 1. Learn to Solder 2. Awesome member projects 3. A focused and interactive activity and info table about the hive

Therefore we need YOUR help! We need some cool projects that have been made at the Hive for members to display. You’ll have a laminated description and name plate for your project on display! We also will need some serious brainstorming for a neat activity that focuses on one aspect of the hive (similar to how learn to solder covers electronics) for people to participate in. It needs to be simple, easy to understand quickly, interactive and cheap.

If anyone would like to do some simple “giveaways” like we did last year that would be great too! Now would be the time to get those 3D printers cranking if we wanted to explore something like last year’s mini 3D printed Minecraft tools.

Lastly, Dustin has created a spreadsheet to sign up for time slots. The more people signed up, the better the event will be for everyone! We can work shorter shifts, take breaks to eat and look around the fair and have a really fun time!

PTDR is still on?

Yes, absolutely. That is kind of a separate entity though from the organization that needs to happen for our indoor booth. I hoped to talk about that in a different thread, created by someone who knows more of the details. Maybe Dustin? I’m not sure who is in on all that info. :slight_smile:

Is the sign up sheet available online somewhere? I intend to be there for the entirety of both days and figure out when I’m needed (for either the indoor stuff or PTDR) on the fly.

Ian B.

The sign up sheet will be posted by Dustin on this thread when he gets the chance. He made it and I think is the only one who has access to it currently, otherwise I’d share it now. (Thanks for the work on that Dustin!!!)

Sorry, been feeling under the weather. Here’s the link, it’s set up to access with hive 13 emails though. I can’t change that from my phone, so I’ll change it tomorrow when I have a computer

Mary had been asking about bringing ‘Stuff to show off’ to the makerfair… (waves at her and points at this thread)

I’m busy saturday of Makerfaire, but I’ll plan to help some on Sunday. I can also loan a few projects to put on display (some 3D printed stuff, the quad robot).

I can put my home 3D printer to work making some little things to hand out. I think it would be cool to make some modular toy pieces that kids could assemble at the faire and take home. (this also counts as an activity?) Some options:

Thoughts? anyone else with a home 3D printer or comfortable with using one at Hive want to help?


Also, if you have something you want to display at maker faire and don’t have time to write up a 2 or 3 sentence blurb about it, talk to me and I’ll write it up or take a rough version of what you have and edit and make it prettier for people to look at next to your project.


I’d be happy to volunteer for a shift, but I’m in a bit of an odd spot. I don’t feel comfortable repping the space with only a month of experience, I can’t solder, and not sure what I would do for PTDR.

Is it possible to just assist with packing/unpacking?

Two years ago I recruited a new member who had never soldered before to teach a class and after 10 minutes of instruction plus watching him teach the first few classes I stopped watching, he did fine.

There is lots to do with packing/unpacking and I’m sure the PTDR people can use inexperienced help too.

Come, plan to help out, and you will have fun!

Ha, funny that you mentioned the soldering thing, I just mentioned my story about that in the other thread =P. But no, I was terrified of soldering (because it’s a step into electronics which scares the bajeebies out of me) but Marcus was able to teach me everything I needed to know about soldering before the event (convenient that we had an event to teach people how to solder, no?). If you would prefer to just help with packing and unpacking, there are options for setup and teardowns for the day that you can sign up for on the google sheet (check the other thread I just made).

poke poke

We’d love to have the cool member projects in the hive by Friday for load in! Bring some neat things to show off! If you have something you want to bring, consider writing something about it and how it was made, etc. and we’ll put a laminated sheet by it :slight_smile:

Also post on here!

I’ll probably bring some of the bookmarks I make and maybe a few other little things; they utilize several parts of the hive like the lasers, woodworking area and CNCs. (The other project I was working on won’t be done in time, ah well.)

I’ll bring by some cool 3D printed things I made (captured gears).



I dropped off some 3D printed objects in the Hive meeting area. I’ll PM a description of the objects later today.