MakerFaire after party attendance and funding

After the makerfaire on Saturday, we are hosting a get together for hive members and individuals we invite at the makerfaire.

So we can either either spend around $150 for food and drinks.

We could spend $50 for incidentals, and have hive members bring down cookies and the like.

Or we could bin the whole idea, but a few of us will have a beer down at the hive after the fair.

So if you are planning on coming down Saturday night let us know so we can get a estimate on attendance.

I’ll be there to help set up and for the party, for sure.

I’m down for whatever. I can bring a few bottles of homebrew to share.

we can also get a keg of a light beer or a craft beer and throw it in the beer kegerator. Either with hive funds or if people want to throw in a couple bucks for it.

Actually, it turns out I won’t be able to make it for the after-party.

I will be there.

So, given the lack of responses, it doesn’t seem like there is much interest in having a formal afterparty. There is no point in having the expense if only a few people would be there.

At this point I think we should take the 3rd option and bin the formal party idea, but after the fair on Saturday we can have a BYOB chillout session down at the Hive for anyone interested.

Doesn’t sound like a bad idea will. I know you put quite a bit into Will and thank you for that. My ass is going to be wore out as I will be doing ptdr from pack up to pack down…maybe some time breaks so the screw / pin in my foot does not re break lol. My family will likely be drained from the event so we won’t be back on Saturday night. Maybe we can go with an open house party sometime in the future. This year’s maker faire has a ton of unknowns so people may be running around like crazy on Friday and Saturday as well trying to get things needed for the event. Thank you for all that you have done and doing it is appreciated!