Makerbot "upgrade"

The makerbot has been down for a while now and it appears that nobody knows what’s wrong with it. Different people work on it at different times. It would be good to get all the info in one place or in this thread so if you work on it you can post what you did, saw, etc.

The board that was put in was a sanguinololu board It is the ATMega644P version.

All the motors and what not seemed to be attached fine. The end stops are currently not attached. At one time the reprap software’s control panel could manually move the extruder but would never print. My understanding is once you have uploaded the Sprinter firmware you can bring up the serial monitor from Arduino and enter M115 to get firmware info. I’ve tried several different baud rates and could not get this output.

What work has been done recently in regards to the firmware and reprap software?

Why have the end stops not been connected?

If you work on this machine please respond to this thread to add detail of your progress. FYI I installed Arduino IDE 1.0.3 on the desktop to replace the old version that was there…old version was moved a folder labeled old_arduino_sw.


Who swapped out the electronics, and what happened to the boards that were on there? It shouldn’t be left in an experimental state indefinitely. Maybe we need to have one machine for hacking on and one machine kept in working order for reliability and regular use.


The old electronics were swapped out with a sanguinololu board for a few reason. We were stuck on a very old firmware revision, we added a stepstruder, and most importantly the old board electronics were failing for some reason (kept having to reload the firmware).

The electronics were just swapped out about a week and a couple of days ago. It looks like replicatorg has some bugs in it that are inhibiting it from communicating with the new electronics. Craig, if you want to try to use pronterface/printrun/whatever it’s called that should work, except the endstops are not installed. If those can be figured out (need different connectors) all should be fine.

I wouldn’t call a week indefinite, either.

Whenever it returns to functional I need to use it :slight_smile:

I donated the board, but didn’t install it. I’m glad it’s getting upgraded and I’ll take a look at it tonight to see what is missing. Should be pretty easy.


Thanks Bill! I won’t be there tonight because of my daughters birthday but if you get it working let me know. I would like to print some stuff later.


Thanks Bill!