MakerBot Mondays at Hive13


Microcontroller Mondays has pretty much morphed into MakerBot/Mendel
Mondays. I'll be over at the hackerspace tonight working on those
projects if anyone is interested in joining me. I am usually there
every Monday evening around 7ish. We can work on other CNC/RepRap
stuff too if people are interested.

I was considering offering a class or presentation along the lines of
"MakerBot 101" sometime soon. I'm thinking about creating an
"approved user" list for the MakerBot like what we talked about for
the power tools, and would maybe ask people who want to use the
MakerBot to go through the "class" first. Raise your hand if that is
something you would want to do.

I also just want to mention that if there is anyone out there who was
waiting to have something printed, we are now in a position to start
taking requests. We have had fairly stable and good quality builds
for some time now (knock on wood). If you want to check out some of
our recent prints, I would be happy to show them to you. All we need
to be able to print your object is an STL file (or any file that
Blender can open), and it has to be smaller than 10mm x 10mm x 10mm.
Mendel parts will have priority over other parts until that machine is
up and running.