MakerBot Monday / Camp Washington Community Council


I'm planning on being at the Hive briefly tonight to work on
MakerBot/Mendel things, but I'll be heading out to make it to a 7:00p
meeting of the Camp Washington Community Council. After that meeting
I'll stop by the Hive again, but probably won't stay very late.

If anyone wants to accompany me to the CWCC meeting, you're welcome



I plan on being there as well. I want to build our plywood ABS dispenser (cranking up those power tools!) as well as see if I can’t gang up 16 of those rollers on a single build. I was in the space yesterday and it was actually fairly comfortable in the open space. I know it’s getting hotter this week but hopefully by exposing the window on the far wall we’re allowing for more flow to make it bearable.

BTW: What other sources did you find for ABS? I want to put an order together (was eying the florescent red at Makerbot Industries) and didn’t know if you wanted to add any ABS to the order.



I've noticed the same thing about the new "window". It's still warm,
but it's bearable now.

I guess I need to have another MakerBot class sooner rather than
later. Remind me to show you how to edit skeinforge settings to
multiply an object.

Sources of ABS: There are lots of sketchy ones out there, but BotMill
( ) seems respectable and a good
price. If we order from them, we might consider getting some
laser-cut Mendel parts while we're at it. If we order from I'd see if we can collect enough $ to go for the Mega
Rainbow Pack. Personally, I'm about tapped out for this month when it
comes to spending on MakerBot/Mendel. We aren't about to run out of
plastic any time soon.


Let’s talk when you get here.