Makerbot issues

This morning while I was cleaning up a bit of my mess, I decided to poke around the upgraded Makerbot.

I noticed two things… the heat bed is [power intermittent and the z axis has one phase that is intermittent. They both appear to have bad connectors because the problem can be resolved with a slight movement of the cables.

I think these are the only issues remaining with it, so if someone wants to jump in and fix them… well… feel free. :slight_smile:


I worked on the MakerBot yesterday and got it printing. It still needs a bit of tuning, but I was able to successfully print out a bottle opener as a test.

I will continue tuning it on Monday when I get back, but if someone wants to, it just needs the temperatures and steps per mm values adjusted. (Also, one of the axis has too much play in it which is causing the parts to be slightly out of alignment.)


Thanks a lot Bill! That was awesome of you to take the time to do that!


Thanks Bill!! Glad to have a working 3d printer! Speaking of which - we are getting there with the Ultra Bot but seem to have misplaced 4 pulleys at Tuesdays meeting. We are not sure if we left them at the hive or they got lost in our house. if anyone has seen them, any info would be appreciated so we can get this Ultra Bot finished and have 2 3D printers at the hive!!!