Makerbot Cupcake

Brad Ruff (some of you might remember, he donated the Gigabot, and now from Geckotek,) is looking for a Makerbot Cupcake that he can build out with his sticky platform. He was asking me if I knew anyone with one and I told him that the Hive had one that is never used.

He’s offering to buy it for a reasonable sum… which for a Cupcake isn’t much. My thoughts are more we just donate it to him, especially considering the Gigabot.

Thoughts (Dave?)


Oh yeah, he’s looking for one in original condition, so we’d include the original electronics.


The cupcake is actually Dave Menninger’s so you’ll have to talk to him.

I explicitly included the “(Dave?)” part for that very reason. :slight_smile:

My preference would be to keep it. For me it has a lot of sentimental value. I think it represents the first year or two of Hive13, as it was the first thing that sort of set us apart and blew peoples’ minds. And it has a very low serial number, which gives it some cred/value as a representation of that time period in hackerspaces generally ( akin to having a very early Apple computer or something ).

But we are not a museum. I recognize that it’s pretty much just taking up space; I can’t really argue against that. I would say that if it’s not currently in working order, I wonder whether it would actually even be useful to Brad.

As to whether it’s mine: that’s kind of fuzzy. I did buy it and thought I would get paid back, but I never made a big deal out of it and never got the money. Also, a lot of other people ended up putting money into it. So at this point, I consider it a donation to the Hive13 and it is Hive property. That being said, if the Hive does want to get rid of it, and it isn’t of any use to Brad, I’d gladly take it home.

So, that’s my input. I want to keep it, but only because of what it represents. If the group consensus is to give it to Brad, I’ll accede.


I agree with all DaveM said, and value keeping it for sentimental reasons, even if it takes up space, rather than giving it away at this time. I think Dave had $800 in it from that time and hope he took the tax credit for the donation.


Ok… I’ll offer Brad one of my old ones instead.

Thanks guys!