Maker Faire Detroit - Sat. July 31 & Sun. Aug. 1

Fellow Hivers,

Make plans now to join our pilgrimage to the Maker Faire Detroit at
the Henry Ford Museum.

Saturday July 31st from 9:30 am to 8:00 pm and/or
Sunday August 1 from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Advance purchase adult one-day tickets (either Sat. or Sun.) to the
Maker Faire and the Henry Ford Museum are $25. Tickets go up in price
$3 after July 16.

Advance purchase adult both-days tickets (Sat. and Sun.) to the Maker
Faire and the Henry Ford Museum are $44. Tickets go up in price $6
after July 16,

Mapquest shows from the Hive to the Henry Ford Museum is 255 miles (4
hrs 19 min).

I'm planning to leave early Saturday morning (6:30am), be there by
11:00am and thinking to leave by 7:00 pm and be back home by 11:30
pm. I'll have a Honda Pilot and can fit another three (comfortably)
or five (with two in the way-back) if anyone wants to tag along with
me. I've done such one-day work trips up I-75 into Michigan in the
past. It is a bit of a haul, but doable, and certainly more enjoyable
with extra company. I'm also open to other arrangements.

Give it some thought and let me know. FYI - I'll be out-of-town and
will miss this coming Tuesday night's meeting.



I, too, will be attending. However, I'm actually driving separate as
my wife and I will be visiting family in the Detroit area for the
weekend. Jim, we should make sure to exchange phone numbers so we can
connect to tour everything together on Saturday. I will be up there


I won't be at the meeting tonight (Tuesday June 22) but whatever group
is present, talk up the Detroit Maker Faire as an agenda item and see
if there is any interest in a carpool. Remind folks the early
registration date is July 16.


I will be attending as well. My friend up in Findlay would like to
come too, so I figure I'll be driving myself and picking him up on the
way, unless someone else is tolerant of the delay this will add and is
willing to take me (I know Findlay's right along 75 and I think his
place is fairly close to the highway). If I do drive, I can take 2
other people. Yes, I have working A/C.


Do you still have room in your car for the Maker Faire trip? I'd be
interested in going.



Sure. You are the first confirmed. I’m guessing there may be three or four of us as we get closer. Have a great 4th weekend…


So you are only going up for one day? I am interested in going but was considering both days.


@Ed, I would also be interested in both days, I believe CJDavis is also interested in both days and when I last talked to him about it he mentioned he could probably drive his van up.

Are we thinking a van because we want to bring stuff up/back, or is it more to fit a lot of people? If only four people were interested in going for two days and we aren’t hauling anything, I would be willing to drive.

It’s hard to believe it’s only two weeks away…


I would also be interested in both days. Should we start looking at
hotel arrangements?

I can't leave work until 6p on Fridays if the plan is to go up the day
before. I am also willing to go up really early in the morning on
Saturday, but I am not a morning person.


I second Dave’s email to the word.