Make:Live Video Shoot

Hey all,

We’ve been invited to make a video to be included in the next episode of Make:Live as part of their Hackerspace Roadshow series ( ). This is awesome!

I was hoping we could do this at Tuesday night’s meeting on 11/22. The deadline for turning the video in is 11/26.

We can show off our tools and our projects, so bring in anything you’re working on - even if it’s not finished. We’ll probably need someone to lead the virtual tour too.

We’ll need to get ahold of a decent camera (and mic?) to shoot with. Does anyone have access to anything good? They said it’s fine to just upload the video we shoot and they can do the editing.

I’ve pasted the details from the email about what we should film below…


Awesome, we’re delighted to have you on board! Here’s some guidance for filming:

Space: We are looking to learn about what goes on at your space and
what kinds of special tools you have. Give us a video tour of the
space, stopping at points of interest. The tour-giver can be narrating
the tour off-camera. Some questions we’re asking every participating
space to answer:
-General info: how many members? year founded? square footage?
-What’s your most drool-worthy tool?
-Tell a story of something incredible that happened at the space.
-What do you folks do better than any other hackerspace?

People & Projects: We’d like to see what your members are up to! Have
each participating member demonstrate and explain his/her project and
how it works. You might ask:
-what got you started working on a project like this?
-what are the different components that make up the project, and how
do they fit together?
-what was the hardest part/biggest challenge?
-where do you hope for this project going in the future?
-what can the maker community do to help or get involved?

Some tips:

  • Open with by introducing yourselves on camera and welcoming the
    audience to your hackerspace
  • Shoot the members as they talk about their projects, when they’re
    done, shoot close ups separately. We’ll cut it together.
  • “Leave room” before and after every shot: have the camera rolling a
    few seconds before someone starts to speak and leave it rolling for a
    few seconds after they’re done speaking.
  • End by thanking the viewers for visiting your hackerspace and let
    them know where they can find out more about it.

Thanks so much, we can’t wait for what we know will be a super-fun
show. Please feel free to ask us any questions as they arise. We need
your footage by the end of Saturday, November 26th at the latest in
order to edit it for the live broadcast Wednesday, November 30th.

We’ll send another message announcing the broadcast, but you should
know you are invited to participate live in the chatroom during the
broadcast at 9pm ET on 11/30.

Thanks again!

Becky & Matt

My DSLR can shoot decent 720p, though limited to something like 5
minutes at a time, and I don't think it will take an external mic. I
will bring it on 11/22 if it'll help.

I have a camera that can do HD+ and an external mic. Would be happy to help :slight_smile:

Perfect. We can also use our wireless mic we, and I have a second one at home I can bring in.

I'd certainly put 80's video shoot on the list of cool things done at the hive.

I might have some small clips from that video shoot on my camcorder…I’ll have to see if I can dig them up…I’m not exactly sure where I have those clips or if there are any worth using. Apparently I only uploaded one sample clip to test the b&w filter hmmm

Xodia is holding the finished video for ransom. Alas I am not a bad enough dude to rescue the president.

offer him an armbar. he loves armbars.

Hopefully someone at the meeting is reading this…

I am stuck at work and I don’t think I’ll be able to get there tonight. Sorry!

Don’t forget about shooting the video!

If there is any problem, let me know ASAP so I can warn Make:Live that we might not make their deadline.

Good luck! Have Fun!


That sucks! A guy brought in his Makerbots. One is a makerbot-made makerbot. The second is a water-cut aluminum frame. You’re missing the makerbot love in. Don’t worry, we’ll name all the babies after you.

Dave, do you have the details of where to upload the video?
Additionally, I will be @ the space tonight with Chris Anderson to
shoot the Tour. If anyone else has a project or some other sort of
thing they wish to add to the video tonight is your last chance before
we send the footage to Make!

Thanks everyone!

Yes, I have FTP credentials I will send to you off-list. Thanks!