Made in Camp

I wanted to start a thread to talk a bit about the upcoming Made in Camp event October 12th from 12-4pm.

I’ve put up a vote to get some foodstuff for people to snack on when they stop by (and for the afterparty).

I wanted to have this thread for people to talk about cool stuff to bring as demonstrations and activities we could have going on during the event.

Some thoughts:
CNC with sharpie to do cool drawings
Turning some simple stuff on the wood lathe.
Laser cutting out some trinkets (maybe custom with a name).
3D printing trinkets (minecraft pieces are usually hits with kiddies).
Some display of some of the 3D printed examples (Skyrim helmet, etc.)
Electronics bench demo of oscilloscope showing cool waveforms.
Arcaade cabinet (get working).

Feel free to post any more ideas (and people to do them).

Brad, Those are all great ideas. If we have half that much going on it would be a great success.

Maybe some of the fiber arts folks could display some projects. Also any other crafts, art or lock picking projects or demos would be good. I made a mask in Will’s leather mask class so I’ll bring that in. These kinds of things demonstrate that unlike some of the commercial type makerspaces we are made up of communities that people can get involved with.

I'm willing to come in and work on some cross stitch or embroidery and have some easy to start projects for anyone interested. I don't need much of an excuse to just sit and stitch haha

I'd also be down to work on glass, as I have a lot of projects planned, but would probably do that a little bit at a time, since being on the torch makes me a useless parent and I imagine Kevin would like to be involved in more than just chasing Rigby.

It takes a Hive to braze a child. If you ever need someone to keep Rigby occupied for a while so you can work on stuff give me a holler. Something tells me that I could keep him distracted for a while.

I will be there for Made In Camp. I’ll have some project going on, just not sure what yet.


I’ll be there and will turn some pens or something if I can’t think of something more creative/entertaining by the weekend. Unless that would be too loud?

Turning is a good one, it’s active wood shop, but quiet enough to not be irritating.

Sounds awesome.

I think some laser etched name tags would be super cool.

Last year the traffic pretty slow but steady. Many artist types.

The iSpace wind tube and pulleys demonstrating mechanical advantage will be up for play during Made in Camp.

They should be fun play for kids ( a minute or two ) and adults

Aw, Dave. You’re the sweetest

Jacob, I mean, if you’re just gonna be turning pens for funsies, can I have one? I’m a bit of a pen hoarder.

I’d like to take suggestions for the snacks/drinks for the Made in Camp and afterparty.

Usual is a veggie tray, cheese/crackers tray and some fizzy waters.
We could get some frozen wings and cook them in our functional oven or even make something from scratch.