Made in Camp Open House Event

The Made in Camp event is going on October 14th and 21st. We and many other artists and makers in Camp Washington will be having open houses to let people come through and see who we are and what we do. It will basically be a Tuesday meeting without the business part. It would be a great time to come down and hang out or work on a project. It is also a great time to check out some of the other places in the area. Did you know we have a nationally known metal casting studio by us? And they are planning on doing a bronze casting that you can watch during the event that I recommend people try to make it too if you’ve never seen a casting done.

The sign up is to make sure we have people around and doing something that shows off why we are awesome.

Dear Camp Washington Artists, Makers and Gallery spaces,
Made in Camp starts in 3 Weeks!
Below is a list of artists that are interested in opening their studios for BOTH days.
Casting Arts and Technology
Karay Martin
Oberaw Industries
Pull Club
Robert Fronk
Robert Morris
Valerie Allen
Wave Pool
The Welcome Project

Here is the list of artists interested in opening one day
Deb Brod Oct 14
Studio N, The Rust Jungle Oct 21 in the Peoples Liberty space.

If you would like to show (and sell?) your work but your studio is not accessible, we can provide space in the People’s Liberty space 2840 Colerain ave or at Gallery Askew 2868 Colerain Ave.
These spaces will be set up like co-op spaces and artists can take shifts working the spaces.