Made a Mess of the Woodworking Workbench

I built a router planning sled and started planning the woodworking workbench today, but it's slower going than I had hoped, so I only got about 1/4 of the way done.

Please leave the router on the sled and the guide rails clamped up to the workbench alone so that we don't end up with a workbench planed to two different places on either end.

If someone would be willing to help finish it up this weekend I'd greatly appreciate the help, would go far quicker with a person on either side of the workbench.


Kevin M.
Woodworking Warden

Thank you Kevin. That's a lot of work and needed done.

Yes, thanks Kevin for all you do.
Please don’t burn out. Take a break. Drink some Red Bull. Read a book.

Haha, no problem, I just need someone to volunteer to help me finish this up this weekend, any takers?

Could anyone meet me at Hive13 tomorrow to help finish planing the woodworking workbench?

I could kevin, i can meet you about noon?

Joe Pomeroy

Ryan and I will be in around 1, if you show up to help out there will certainly be stuff for you to help with.

I'll be at the shop in the morning. I should be around until that time I can help if needed.

The workbench is now in good shape, nice and flat! Thanks to Ryan, Greg, and Joe for the help, y’all made it way more manageable.


That’s no plain ole workbench… It’s a freshly planed workbench :slight_smile:



its got a covering of danish oil on it too.



The problem is, Since most of my house is terribly unlevel anything I build on that bench will not sit flat in the house.

Is anyone available to help me plane the bench back to terribly out of level so that it works better for my specific house?