LVL1 TransAtlantic Balloon "Launch" Party, 11/20/2010

Hello everybody! I'm a member of the LVL1 hackerspace here in
Louisville, working on our White Star Balloon TransAtlantic Helium
balloon attempt. If you haven't already heard, we're attempting to
inject a Helium balloon carrying a 12 lbs payload into the jetstream,
and keep it there for 72 hours, landing somewhere in Europe or Africa
on the other side. Pursuant to that effort, we'll be having a party
on 11/20/2010 at our hackerspace to celebrate the start of our launch

So, to that effect, please join the White Star Balloon builders for a
season kickoff party to celebrate the beginning of the race to cross
the Atlantic Ocean and raise money to pay for this all-volunteer
science adventure. A real full size trans-atlantic balloon will be
erected at the party, standing nearly 3 stories tall into the

Music, Food, Science and fun provided, BYOB

When: Saturday Nov 20, 7PM-12AM
Where: LVL1 Hackerspace, 814 E Broadway, Louisville, KY, rear entrance
in the alley.
Who should come: Anyone interested in being a part of history or who
thinks science is cool!
Why: All people who donate $10 or more at the party will get to write
a message in a bottle, to be dropped into the middle of the Atlantic

What the heck is this balloon thing: We're a group of
creators/makers/hackers, trying to be the first to send a robot
balloon from the US to Europe! We've got a darn good chance of making
it, celebrate the start of the winds that will take us there. The Jet
Stream, a giant super-speed river of wind is what we ride all the way
across the Atlantic Ocean. It only comes through Louisville a few
times a year in the winter. We'll be ready, but we need your help -
we're just regular people with a sciency fun side, and it's costing a
lot of money to do this enormous effort. Be a part of history fellow
Louisvillians, donate to the White Star Balloon -

Follow our twitter @WhiteStarBalloon for general info, and follow
@LVL1WhiteStar for day-to-day build progress update.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Otherwise, I hope
to see some of you at the party!