LVL1 Sumobot Tournament 10/29/10 Signup

Please sign up for the Sumobot tournament here

I am trying to get a feel for how many will be attending. It is NOT
too late to buy a kit or design a Sumo and make it. Here are some
links to get you started...

Remember, the tournament is Oct 29th

The URL got cut off by something, here is the correct URL from the LVL1 mailing list:

Is this just for competitors? If so, who is signing us up? I vote for “Mr. Plow” as the sumobot name :slight_smile:

You can sign us up, I was thinking for a name “The Enforcer Bee”

I like "Mr. Plow" :]

um, "plow king" ended up winning. mr. plow retired.

This is version 1 after all…not sure we can take the ‘king’ title just yet.

I would also like to point out that Mr. Plow was red and Plow King was purple. Plus I really want a Mr. Plow jacket. lol

Heh, we should makerbot a little crown. We could present it to the winning bot.

Mr. Plow! That’s hilarious