{LVL1} Nov 13 lan party Team fortress 2

It looks like LVL1 will be hosting a LAN party on Nov. 13th. I think it could be fun for a group of us to maybe go down and join in the festivities. I sent out a message on their mailing list seeing if they were alright with people from up around Cincinnati coming down, but I do not forsee any issues.

Did you warn them that inviting the Hive is like inviting Arsclan? hehe

Probably not a problem unless it’s a non-drinking facility and/or there are giant artistic robots perched along the walls. :wink:


i'll be the pyro :slight_smile:

Jeff Johnson from LVL1 responded to my email: “Yeah, that would be great. Let me know if you need extra workstations for others you bring.”

So as of right now I do not think there is anymore information other than Nov 13th and TF2, but if people want to meet up at the Hive and then carpool down on the 19th (its a Saturday) that would probably be fine. I do not know if this will be an all-night event or not, details are a little sparse at this point.