Lounge will be wet today


I’m going to head down to the space and spend some time this afternoon cleaning up the lounge.

This will probably include cleaning the carpet in the lounge, along with cleaning the glass, dusting the area, and cleaning out the popcorn machine.

If you were planning on using the lounge today, send me an email before 1:30 and I’ll be disruptive on Monday.



You’re a saint.

Hear hear!

The floors are still wet in the lounge, and all of the furniture is not in the lounge (it’s everywhere).

I’m going to grab food, but will be back later to vacuum one final time before moving the furniture back into the lounge.


Just a quick update:

The only piece of furniture that isn’t back in the lounge is the couch that sits near the projector screen. I’ll need an extra set of hands in order to move it – so, I’ll do it sometime in the next few days when there’s sufficient grunt strength to help.