Lost Headphones

I have misplaced a set of in-ear headphones that are in a small black pouch, and one of the last places I remember having them was at the Hive.

If anyone finds them, could you please let me know?



I looked today and did not see them.



I just wanted to bump this back up in case anyone finds these, I still haven’t located them.

They are in a small (roughly 2" x 4") leather zipper pouch.




Yesterday I saw a small black zippered pouch, reminded me of an eyeglass case near the air conditioner in the fab lab. May or may not be what you are referring to but the size was similar to what you are describing.

Thanks, I will be sure to look in there next time I get over.

It’s worth a look, but chances are high that this case was one of the laser cutter safety glasses. A couple were included with the purchase of the cutters.

  • Ry