Looking for some white acrylic

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if any had any spare white 1/8" acrylic that I could buy. I’m running out of just that colour and don’t really want to pay for shipping on a small amount if anyone has any scraps/sheets that I could buy, or a larger sheet that I could buy a small section of.

It doesn’t need to be in a sheet, I can work with off-cut/scrap pieces as long as they are about 2x2 in.



Alternatively, if anyone is already planning to make an inventables order (or other site that sells smaller sheets of acrylic), I can tack on a sheet of acrylic and pay my share of shipping.

I have a few sheets of 1/8" white… I can bring some down Tomorrow.


Wonderful! What size and how much do you want for them so I can be prepared with money.

I have about a 2’x2’ piece… is that big enough? It’s just sitting here collecting dust… so it’s yours if you need it.


That’s perfect. Plenty big enough; that will keep me stocked up for awhile! Thank you!